As the summer comes to a close, I’m coming at you with another juicy interview I had while in Miami this past July! 

It’s a special one as I believe in supporting entrepreneurs; plus, our ‘chance’ encounter was divinely guided! Let me tell you what happened. 

I had decided to attend an event for Miami Swim Week ® – The Shows which was hosted by Showfields. To read what happened during MSW, you can read Part 1 and Part 2!

(Sidenote: The Lincoln Road shopping district, where Showfields is located, is the coolest. It reminds me of Stephen Ave in my hometown – Calgary – however, bigger. IFYKYK!)

Anyway, during my exploration, I came across a fun slide inside the boutique and lo and behold, I bumped into Gabriela. We were both curious about actually going down the slide and she said, ‘I’ll do it, if you do!’

Well, I decided to step-up to the challenge and I went first. It was actually so fun and brought my ‘inner child’ out. Who am I kidding, I’m just a big kid at heart anyway! Lol!

Afterward, we started chatting and Gabriela shared about her swimsuit line. Of course, I wanted to know more as it brought back memories of my Freelance Fashion Journalist days where I interviewed many designers, from top labels to emerging artists. 

Here’s her story

Designer & Founder – Gabriela Malavé – of Swimwear Line, CaySB
‘Grace B Highwaist’ Two-Piece (White & Silver)
Source: @thecaysb


EC: What is your swimwear line all about?

GM: CaySB is a brand [made in Venezuela and based in Miami, FL], which is dedicated and aims to deliver [a] woman’s beauty in all her ways. We believe that women are very beautiful and we have something different and something special to show the world… We want women to feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy in their own skin.

I decided to start it because I realized every time I went to the store there were not pieces for [every woman’s body type]… The idea is to have something that works for you and [is] also versatile because [our swimwear is not just for the beach, however for,]  the pool, [and/or] just to go out.

EC Sidenote: Just to put into context what Gabriela was saying about swimwear being versatile, while I was in Miami, I saw many instances of this. A popular trend I noticed – while out and about strolling along Ocean Drive – was the combo of a bikini top and bottom worn with mesh pants (in various colours) or with a cover-up overtop.

It was inspiring to witness as everyone felt very comfortable in their own skin. And let me just say, it was very hot and humid, so sporting beachwear was perfect. It was all about the easy breezy lewk!

EC: Can we talk about the fabric?! It feels so soft and luxurious!

GM: [For our fabric], we work with lycra [along with] the mesh [which] are from Italy. We use double lyrca because we want to use the best quality of product. It makes the swimwear fit better [because it stretches making it more comfortable]; [also, this material] lasts [longer].

We are not using [ties/knots or elastic around the hips as well as the back]. The swimwear [is made to] model your silhouette, [moving with your body].

EC: And we cannot forget about your beautiful cover-ups! 

GM: The cover-ups are a fundamental piece of the [line]; they are also versatile. [They can be worn] with a pair of jeans or as resort wear. You can have a long sarong or a kimono – short [or] long – [too]. We try to make it simple. We try to make it easy because vacations shouldn’t be complicated!

‘Easy’ One-Piece (Black)
Source: @thecaysb


Thank you for reading the latest newsletter about chic swimwear line, CaySB!

Below, I’m wearing their ‘Easy‘ One-Piece in Turquoise. Usually, I’m a bit shy when it comes to swimsuits. However, when I wore this piece, I found it very comfortable and I felt sexy in it while wearing it out and about as well as at Miami Beach. Plus, the colour is everything. In love!

To explore more about the brand, you can visit their site here.

Wishing you all a blessed week!

With love,

Influencer – Ella Clarens wearing CaySB
‘Easy’ One-Piece (Turquoise)
@ellaclarens in Miami, FL