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and Beachwear Clothing Brand


We are CaySB, a top-notch hand-crafted brand for those women who look for comfort, fashion, and beauty on their swimsuit & beachy clothes

Women deserve more than be a number, we want you to enjoy life and be recognized for our achievements. We realize how complicated & difficult is for women to buy clothes. All errands and duties we have to deal with, it’s CRAZY… the last thing they want to be worried it’s about how the clothes fit in… if a Swimsuit is suitable and enhances the body shape.  

Are you the one that loves COMFORTABLE & GORGEOUS Swimsuits and clothes? Just to TRULY ENJOY the day with your people or with yourself? So, there are so many ladies almost screaming for a brand that focuses on the Beauty and comfort “beautcomfort” of hers. Must not be Enjoy, Relax and Spread your Happiness the Purpose of hanging around? At CaySB we make flourish your natural beauty

CaySB seeks to deliver pieces that are intended to be used in different ways. So, you can enjoy most of them at the beach, at the pool, or also on sportswear outfits, for casual events, with SoulBeach:

• Unleash the Power of your Confidence
• Look Gorgeous and Chic
• Be Happy and Beautiful

At CaySB we are focused on making your beachy days UNFORGETTABLE, all our designs are meant to fit in different body shapes and sizes. That’s why we strive for our main goal as a brand: Your Comfort and Joyful when you wear a CaySB.

Look Gorgeous, feel comfortable, wear a CaySB

CaySB Owners
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